we drive your ride!
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Be on the lookout for your Designated Driver
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Cheaper than a Cab! No Surge Pricing! Wake Up with your Car!
UrbanScoot - not your typical DD!
You concentrate on having fun & let UrbanScoot be you and your car's designated driver


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Drive Your Ride

UrbanScoot is Austin’s Official
Designated Driver!

It’s Friday night. You’re out on the town, hanging with friends, celebrating with a couple of drinks, when the bartender yells, “Last call!”

A couple of drinks turned into a couple more and before you know it, you’re totally not okay to drive. But maybe you do anyway. Because if you don’t, your vehicle stays somewhere overnight and you’ve got to get someone to help you get it the next day. Sound familiar? Of course it does. We’ve all been there.

Introducing your Designated Driver in Austin, UrbanScoot!

Fully insured, UrbanScoot will pick up YOU and your VEHICLE, and safely deliver both to your destination for about the cost of cab fare. Our drivers pack a folding scooter into a protective case and place the scooter within the trunk of your vehicle and then scoot themselves to their next call once you’ve been safely delivered to your destination!

The Benefits are Ridiculous!

By choosing UrbanScoot, you:

  • Achieve a certain mental calmness knowing you WON’T be going to jail for a DWI.
  • Arrive at your destination safely, with your vehicle. (You’re welcome.)
  • Help keep Austin roadways safe and drunk-driver free.
  • Never have to choose one of your friends to be a designated driver.
  • Never have to be the Designated Driver, yourself.
  • All these great services are provided at similar costs to your local cab.

So, if you’ve had one or two, too many, give UrbanScoot a call and get there safely.

We’re Austin’s Official Designated Driver!